We resolve business conflicts

We provide legal assistance to Russian and foreign companies in resolution of business conflicts.

  • Some public officials tend to consider their personal benefits higher than public interest and create obstacles to advantageous development of businesses.
    Sounds familiar?
    We will help you to resolve the conflict.
  • If your partners act in bad faith, it can undermine successful development of your company. They bureau is ready to help with such situations.
    Sounds familiar?
    We will help you to resolve the conflict.
  • Sometimes trust and partnership between shareholders in a company break and a corporate conflict arises.
    Sounds familiar?
    We will help you to resolve the conflict.


  • We have been successfully resolving business conflicts for fifteen years.


    In 2002 a team of Moscow litigation attorneys has decided to create a law office, which would specialize in resolution of business conflicts. Yurlov and partners Law office was open for business in 2003.

  • The state guarantees

    Settling a law office with the legal status of attorneys-at-law was done for a reason. At first, according to the Russian law only attorneys-at-law are subject to attorney-client privilege. And it is the state who confirms and upholds attorney status.

    Our company was created as a attorneys at law office. Why? Because under Russian legislation only relationship between a client and a certified attorney may be covered by attorney-client privilege.

  • Fasten your seatbelts, your problems are being solved by a team of experienced attorneys.

    We are a team of creative professionals, who are always in pursuit of novel legal tools to help their clients

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