Partnership without illusions

without illusions
Sometimes trust and partnership between shareholders in a company break and a corporate conflict arises.
Resolution of a conflict
Sometimes trust and partnership between shareholders in a company break and a corporate conflict arises.

Different views on business development lead to corporate conflicts. Such conflicts may be especially difficult because often parties try to save relationships they have had for a long time. Confidentiality is crucial so participation of in-house lawyers can hardly be justified.

While resolving such conflicts we study relations between the sides of the conflict and the members of their families. We try to find a way to resolve a conflict without recourse to formal legal procedures. If that is impossible we work out a plan of judicial measures to protect our client.


We recommend our clients to avoid litigation and try to resolve conflicts using negotiations and other possible means.

Obvious advantages of negotiations are lower costs, shorter duration, preservation of reputation and strong confidentiality. Negotiations also offer a possibility to reach a mutually beneficial result.

During this stage we analyze information and documents provided by the client, find origins of conflict and prepare an individual plan of resolution for our client’s problem.

At this stage we perform the following actions:

  • Preparation of legal position for our client
  • Negotiations with the counterparty
  • Drafting of all agreements and documents, reflecting the agreements reached during negotiations.

Considering the specifics of the conflict some other actions may be required.


Litigation is an unavoidable part of business activities of every company, which is why it should be carried out efficiently, so it would strengthen the company’s reputation and would be economically beneficial.

As any other business activity litigation should be dully planned, optimized and carried out by professionals. Our attorneys are recognized professionals in litigation, which is confirmed by references of our clients. We represent our clients in all state arbitration and common jurisdiction courts.

We completely realize that there are many other people, CEOs, managers or in-house lawyers who are also involved in every lawsuit. That is why we very attentive to their regards, ensuring that cooperation is efficient.

Our professional principle is to find the best and economically sustainable way to resolve our client’s problem and to carry it out in reasonable time. Protection of our client’s interests during litigation usually includes:

  1. examination of the case;
  2. preliminary case projections;
  3. examination of evidence;
  4. preparation of legal position;
  5. confirmation of legal position by the client;
  6. preparation of court documents;
  7. court hearings;
  8. execution of judgment (if necessary).